WAV Sound files for use in GamTextTriggers and EverQuest audio triggers

The following sound files are created by Gamanern.

If you want lower volume, feel free to open them in the built-in windows sound tool 'Sound Recorder' which can be found under All Programs --> Accessories --> Entertainment --> Sound recorder. The tool can lower volume using the menu option of Effects --> Decrease Volume.

If you would like any custom sound files built, please request them on my support forums using the link on the left. I may create the audio files as my time permits or external limitations like having a house quiet enough to record the files unless you want to hear my birds chirping in the background. If the sound file is useful to the general community I will place those on this page, but if they are more specific to the person requesting them, I will provide a link to the sound file on their request thread.

These files can be used in GamTextTriggers, or can be used in EverQuest directly.

Right click the links and chose the "Save target as" or the "Save link as" option to save the files to your computer, then place them in the appropriate directory to start using them in GamTextTriggers or EverQuest audio triggers.


BurnIt.wav - "Burn it" for use in raids when called for full DPS.

CureDeathDot.wav - "Cure the death DoT" for use on events when you need to call for a cure.

DITriggered.wav - "D.I. triggered" for use when your divine intervention has been triggered.

GDayMate.wav - "G'day mate" for general use.

RecastPetBuffs.wav - "Recast pet buffs" to trigger when your pet buffs fade.


MoveEast.wav - "Move east" a general direction message.

MoveNorth.wav - "Move north" a general direction message.

MoveSouth.wav - "Move south" a general direction message.

MoveWest.wav - "Move west" a general direction message.

OTM.wav - "On the move" for the 'OTM', 'Move up' or whatever move message used in your guild.


BeastSlowed.wav - "Beast slowed" for when a mob has been slowed by a beastlord.

ChanterSlowed.wav - "Chanter slowed" for when a mob has been slowed by an enchanter.

ShamanSlowed.wav - "Shaman slowed" for when a mob has been slowed by a shaman.

Event Actions

DontMelee.wav - "Don't melee" for events when you need to stop attacking

StopCasting.wav - "Stop casting" for events when you need to stop attacking

Duck.wav - "Duck!" for events where you need to duck

StartMoving.wav - "Start moving" for events where you need to move to a new location

StandStill.wav - "Stand Still" for events where you must stand still


AugMobsHaveSpawned.wav - "Aug mobs have spawned" for use in Anguish when you have trigger the minis.

Crude Note that these include crude langauge. Don't download if you find that sort of thing offensive.

Sequelize.wav - "Sequelize the f**kers" for use within my own guild based on one person's assist message.

YouFers.wav - "You f**kers" for general use, mostly a reference to a past raid leader from my guild.