Change log for GamTextTriggers

GamTextTriggers v1.0.0 (minor update) - September 14th, 2009

By very popular request, I have added a few options:

The timer bars can now be disabled to show only the timer text via a check box on the options page.

Rebuilt the ability to share triggers in game. Add the player to the 'allowed' list and you will automatically add any trigger they send to you in game if GamTextTriggers is running at the time.

Created a button on the options page that will cancel all active timers.

Also corrected a problem where two of the help menu items weren't linked to the instructions pages on my website.

GamTextTriggers v1.0.0 - September 13th, 2009

This is a major rebuild of the entire program.

The interface has changed dramatically, now having a single page for all types of triggers. You enter a trigger and then select all the actions you want to happen from that trigger.

Greatly improved the trigger editor.

Change the overlays to be more agressive about being visible above other programs that try to be on top. They now attempt to push themeslves to the top every message or timer that is added, and once every minute.

Overlays that have no output now suppress themselves until needed.

Add the ability to cause multiple triggers from a single line of text. Previously some actions would 'use up' the line on the first trigger it found.

Added the ability to play WAV sound files.

Added the abulity to use text-to-speech to speak text straight from the interface. You no longer need to record or find a sound file to use, you can just type in the text you want spoken and you are done. You can still use existing WAV files if you prefer.

You can now set the colour of each message displayed, so you can colour-code your messages to add extra emphasis.

Added the option to have new timers started. Previously if a trigger happened while the timer was still running you could only restart or do nothing.

Added the ability to terminate a trigger based on receiving a message.

Updated the overlay editing function to now make guide windows that you can easily place where needed.

Added the ability to move the overlay to other monitors for those who play EQ on the second monitor instead of the primary monitor.

Added a 'substitute' text, so you can grab a portion of the text and output that only. eg "Raidleader tells the raid, '{s}'" can trigger a text-to-speech of "{s}" which will simply speak Raidleader's raid commands.

Added timer bars underneath timers. They show as a full bar until they reach 15 seconds remaining, where the bar will move across to show how much time is remaining. This is mostly aimed at tracking of spell casting.

Added the ability to import triggers, watches and timers from the previous versions.

GamTextTriggers v0.9.3 - April 5th, 2008

Fader is now an option, and the default. You can still use the original scroller.

The fader will just fade in the message, leave it sitting in the one spot, then after a few seconds fade it out again. If a second message appears while the first is still up, it simply shifts the first message up.

The fader uses MUCH less system resource (2% of what the scroller needed), so it should no longer create lag like the scroller had done.

Revamped the output resizing. The original resizing tools were hideous. I have now changed the way you resize the windows, so it now creates a drag box in the top left, and bottom right corners of the output window so you can drag them around with the mouse to get it just the way you want it.

/LOG ON reminder. Now, after GamTextTriggers has been running for 5minutes, if it hasn't seen any action in the log file, it will pop up a message asking if you forgot to turn on logging. I mostly did this because ... well, I often forget to turn on logging.

Batman mode! You can now enable Batman mode on the settings page. Just set the size of the critical hits, crippling hits, critical blasts and exceptional heals. Set the numbers high so you get a surprise from time to time, or set them low and spam yourself.

Colours, now you have more of them. After a few requests for more colour choices, I have now added in a bunch more. I will be still using the yellow myself, but I even had some exact shades (in RGB format) given to me so I can create the shade that they wanted.

Edit button behavior cleaned up. Now when you hit edit, it puts the details of the line back into the edit area so you can change them, and when happy use 'Set' to accept the changes again.

Minor usability changes:

On first run, it will open the 'Log Open' dialog automatically.

Changed the default of OTM to include a single quote as 'OTM so it doesn't get triggered by a spell with the letters 'otm' in its name.

You can update entries using the enter key rather than only by hitting the 'Set' button.

You can now have mega messages, so for guilds that like their MOTD to read like a book, you can now display it all as a trigger too.

Hidden all output windows from tasklist, so they can no longer be accidentally selected when Alt-Tab is used.

Made the outline of the messages and timers more complete, with a drop shadow on Fader/Scroller messages, so now the text should be more readable against light and dark backgrounds.

GamTextTriggers v0.9.2 - April 5th, 2008

This was the first stable release.

Split the tool into three tasks:

- which are the traditional look for text, then output the required message. This would be good for triggers like Hatchet event, where for each of his actions you can issue the action you need to take.

- a slight variation, where the required text is looked for, and if found, that line from the log file is output to screen. Outputting the new MOTD is a good use of this.

- catches a phrase and creates a timer that counts down, to help you with your timing. You can use it to stack your DoTs, or to see how long before you can re-use your favorite discs.

The triggers, watches and timers can be added in several ways:

- You can type them in directly

- You can import them from a file (build using the export button)

Live update
- Others can send a trigger, watch or timer through EQ, and if they are on YOUR permission list, the new line will be added to your list.

The triggers, watches and timers can be shared to others:

Send to EQ
- Places the selected trigger on the clipboard, and if you have EQ set up, you can paste it to others in guild, raid, group and tells. This is great for raid leaders to quickly add a trigger to everyone at the same time on new events.

- You can select several values and export them to a file. Your guild can keep sets of triggers for each event, so members can download those files and be using the same triggers as everyone else.

Timers - Added to keep Xislaben, Stealer of Thunder, from constantly harassing me in ventrilo. /wave Xis

Options extended. Now you can set colours, sizes and speeds for the scroller and timer windows, and also, you can move the output windows, and adjust their size to fit with your preferred layout.

Minimize to system tray. Mostly cause I wanted to learn how to do it, but it also means you won't accidentally open up the interface when switching between sessions while boxing.

On the first run, it will pop up a welcome and some quick instructions, then populate some basic triggers to get you started.

GamTextTriggers v0.9.1 - March 28th, 2008

Still a beta release.

Changed the core engine to using Layered Windows

Added a file open dialog. Now you can select the file

Cleaned up the launching of new triggers

Added options to set the font size, font colour and scroll speed.

Set the location of the triggers a little better. They now will appear in the top section of the screen, messages can now take up 80% of the screen width, and messages can be up to three lines.

Added MOTD tracking, so when the MOTD changes, the new message is displayed to screen.

GamTextTriggers v0.9.0 - March 23rd, 2008

First test release