GamSettingsMover is a tool to simplfy copying and/or updating your EQ settings files. It can be used after a server merge, character rename or server transfer to quickly and painlessly update all of your settings files to the proper name/server.

You can even use it when starting on a new server or with a new character that you want to use familiar settings.


  • Available as Installer (prefered) or standalone Exe
  • Automatically looks for all official EQ installation directories for you to try and find your files
  • Drop down selections of your current server, new server, and character list
  • Space to edit the character name if the character name is to be changed
  • Copies all settings files: Window locations, hotkeys, audio triggers, combat abilities, bazaar and barter pricing
  • Preview changes before accepting
  • Copying only possible when options have been set correctly
  • Warns and stores backups of existing files if you try to copy over them
  • Configurable destination directory to copy into different locations for multi-install setups.