Welcome to GamboSoft.EQResource.com where you can download GamParse and GamTextTriggers applications to work with EverQuest, read the instructions for these tools, and access the forums for any support or requests, as well as any feedback.


GamParse is a powerful and feature-rich log file parser for EverQuest used by all of the top guilds, as well as many individuals who want to improve their performance.

Key features:

  • Very easy to get started with old log files, or live files
  • Ideal for parsing an entire raid, a group or a single player
  • View the results of a battle in the interface
  • Watch battles live using an overlay that you can see in game
  • Send the results to EQ to share with your group or guild
  • Export results to a highly detailed HTML file
  • Track DPS, spell casting, discs, abilities and tanking
  • Analyse melee accuracy, critical rates, defenses, hit sizes, and damage broken down by type
  • Use a selection of graphs to view DPS and tanking details
  • and many more features!


GamTextTriggers is an overlay tool which searchs for phrases in your log, when found will trigger a graphic or audio response. GamTextTriggers is similar to the in game audio triggers, but the result can be a timer counting down, a line of text flashed up on screen, playing an audio file, or using text-to-speech to speak some text for you.

This program is ideal for those with hearing impairments or if you simply rather listen to music or voice chat, as well a way to set up triggers that are easily shared through import and export functions.

GamTextTriggers can also time actions for you, so you can set a timer event and the time will appear on screen so you know exactly how long is left for that timer. This is often used to track the reuse of discs, auras and some long re-use spells.

Key Features:

  • Display a specific message based off a trigger, usually an instruction based of an emote during an event
  • Timers on screen to help you co-ordinate your time in game, for discs, spells and emotes
  • Play a sound file similar to how audio triggers work in game
  • Use text to speech to make quick audio triggers, or to speak portions of a line, like raid instructions, so you can focus on the event instead of having to read the latest raid instructions


GamSettingsMover is a tool to help you move settings files between characters and servers, allowing you to retain your settings after a server merge, character rename, server transfer, or simply because you have started a new character and want to use the settings from another character.

GamSettingsMover will identify all of the important files that need to be moved, and then guide you through the process, including making backup files if you are moving files over the top of an old set of files.

Key Features:

  • Copy settings across servers, character renames or both at once
  • Guided process to make the transition to a new name or new server easier
  • Will try to find your EverQuest directory in all the common locations
  • Backups made if you copy over existing settings so you don't lose any settings