Change Log for GamParse 1.5.2.x Versions - May 03, 2018

-Fixed another error with changed dates in log.
-Added a limit to the number of error reports sent so I don't get spammed. - May 01, 2018

-Prevent errors with changed dates in log.
-Fix issue with malformed lines of Bard songs. - February 15, 2018

-Added Bard Song Parsing
-Added Bard Song "Fizzles"
-Added L70 Ancient spells to help identify player class. - November 20, 2017

-Reverted pet change from as it caused many other problems. - November 19, 2017

-Corrected an issue with version numbers. - November 19, 2017

-Fixed some DoT damage that was not attributing correctly.
-Fixed an issue with error reporting. - November 18, 2017

-Updated to .NET Framework 4.7.1

With this change GamParse is now officially supported only on Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Other versions of Windows may work or not, but are no longer supported.

Note that if you are using Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 v1703 or earlier you may be prompted to install .NET Framework 4.7.1 prior to using GamParse.
You can check your current Windows version by opening a Command Prompt and using the command "winver" (without quotes).

-Added missing "Stab" AttackType
-Prevent non-Rogue showing up as Rogue (maybe).
-Fixed pets being assigned to NPCs due to lag glitches (hopefully).
-Fixed errors when reading more malformed lines.
-Updated to https for urls.

Additional Note: If you recently upgraded Windows 10 versions and your shortcuts no longer work to start GamParse, simply uninstall and reinstall to fix. - October 4, 2017

-The Roller and Roll columns for Autorolls are now sortable when clicking on the column header. - September 26, 2017

-GamParse will no longer automatically create directories to store exported files on first load. When exporting a file it will now ask the location to save it.
-Corrected a potential issue with rampage detection.
-URL parsing should be more accurate.
-When loading a file GamParse will now freeze most UI elements until the loading is completed. This prevents several issues that occur when UI elements are clicked mid-load. Note you can still exit the program if needed.
-Live DPS Overlays and the Live Tanking Overlay are now activated by default. They can be disabled via Settings > Live Overlay.
-Finishing Blows will once again be properly suppressed if the option is enabled.
-Improved the loading bar.
-Some additional prep work for the next major release. - September 22, 2017

-Fixed issue related to upcoming changes.
-Added "Stalker" class to list of unknown Custom Server classes.
-Prevented some false positives when checking for errors. - September 21, 2017

-Added parsing for "shoot" damage. (Used by Kyv models and a few other things).
-Prevent error when parsing P99 ShadowKnight class name.
-Improved error checking. GamParse will try to repair certain errors in logline if it can. (Note this makes no changes to the log file itself, just in how GamParse reads the line).
-Fixed error when reading file due to changes. (For real this time!) - August 11, 2017

-Fixed error when reading file due to changes. - August 4, 2017

-Added support for 2009 April Fool's day class names.
-Prevent error when manually checking for updates.
-Improved messaging when doing the manual update check.
-Prevent errors with P99/Custom server class titles. They will default to "Unknown" since I don't know which custom title goes to which class.
-Added support for assigning ("giving") items via advanced loot on the AutoRoll sub-tab.
-Added support for Freegrab items via advanced loot on the AutoRoll sub-tab.
-Changed how dps graphs are scaled slightly. They should now reliably be scaled using easy-to-read numbers. (Rather than increments of 3,3333 you should get 3,000 for example).
-Prevent additional errors from special /who messages.
-Prevent various errors with P99/Custom server messages.
-Prevevt error when backing up logfile via another program such as GINA. (If the logfile goes missing midparse it will pause 3 seconds then restart and search for the file again).
-Improved the loading bar to display more information while loading. (Displays type of load, name of file, % of logfile loaded, and an estimated time to completion).
-Improved search speeds by around 50%.
-Fixed Special Code parsing when using Glyphs.
-Added Special Code "B" when any of the following abilities were used: Mana Burn, Life Burn, Harm Touch.
-Added missing Rank and Class columns to PetBox on the Overview Tab. (Note: Pets' rank will only appear if pets are NOT linked with their owners).
-Added Sub-Tabs to the Player DPS Tab and renamed the existing control to "Damage Breakdown". (This is for future improvements).
-Widened the column for Environmental Damage when viewing the Damage Breakdown for a player.
-Added button to send Spell Summary to EQ on the Spells Tab.
-Changed Received Twincast count on the Spell Summary to display only procs of Twincast, not when the spell is manually cast.
-Added all unique Wizard spells to the list of checked spells used to identify a caster as a Wizard. - May 29, 2017

-Fixed incorrect Hits and Real Hits percentages. It was calculating out of the total Attempts instead of the actual number of hit vs miss and hit vs absorbed rolls.
-Prevent error when coin is autosplit, advanced loot is activated, you are in a raid, and you are in hover mode.
-Prevent error when non-melee damage messages are malformed. (Seems to be a P99/Custom server problem).
-Prevent error when slain by messages are malforned. (Seems to be a P99/Custom server problem).
-Prevent error with some custom server messages. (P99/Custom server problem).
-Prevent error when joining group/raid messages are malformed. (P99/Custom server problem).
-Prevent error when /who displays extra information.
-Changed DoT parsing to use regex. (You should see no change).
-Added a second form of version checking. This runs silently at launch for both the installer and standalone versions. It can also be accessed manually via Help > Check for Updates.
It will not update for you, only inform you if an update is found and provide you a link so you can manually update if you are using the standalone. - May 6, 2017

-Prevent error when trying to copy to system clipboard fails because something else is using the clipboard.
-Fixed error when trying to backup logfile and the same filename already exists. It will now add the current system time to the filename to prevent duplicate filename errors.
-Prevent error when resizing graphs. (Maybe, I couldn't figure out the exact cause so it /might/ still happen).
-Fixed situation where chat could be added as a pet. (You should see no change).
-Added compatibility for some P99 custom-style messages.
-Direct Damage hits are now parsed through Regex. (You should see no change). - April 4, 2017

-Added legacy L70 /who class titles for Bard & Paladin. (Performer/Lord).
-Fixed /who class title for Monk that I misspelled. (Transcendent).
-Fixed error with coin parsing when the Master Looter is unknown and they loot coin. They will now show with the generic name "MasterLooter".
-Fixed error when parsing some logs from P99/Custom that only display timestamps. (I'm not entirely sure what the cause is though I suspect Bards, but it appears to only occur on P99/Custom). - April 3, 2017

-Added support for Reverse DS damage messages where YOU take damage.
-Updated settings for error reporting. (You should see no change).
-Fixed crash when there was a problem sending error reports. If there is a problem it will now display a proper message, without crashing. - March 16, 2017

-Cleaned up the code for how DS/Feedback messages are parsed to be more efficient. (You should see no change).
-Fixed a longstanding issue with rampage / wild rampage messages. (There should be no change, but there may be, please watch for it).
-Cleaned up the code for how chat messages are parsed to be more accurate. (You should see no change).
-Cleaned up the code for how coin messages are parsed to be more accurate. (You should see no change).
-Fixed /pet who leader command not being parsed in (Sorry about that, my bad).
-Added support for legacy / P99 coin /splits.
-Added support for the new xp messages that display when bonus/penalty xp is added. - March 6, 2017

-Cleaned up the code for how log filenames are parsed to allow for P99/custom server names to properly parse. (You should see no change).
-Fixed several misspelled class titles when converting from Title -> Class when parsing /who messages. (You should see no change).
-Players found via /who are now added to the players list. This will help prevent players from showing up in the fight list.
-Cleaned up the code that prevents fake melee damage (from chat) from being parsed. - March 2, 2017

-Added support for parsing legacy / P99 class titles via /who.
-Added support for converting class titles into player class names when the class name is not displayed (legacy / P99). - March 1, 2017

*Tanking Tab*

Added button to send tanking summary to EQ

Added button to export tanking summary in comma separated values

*Parcels Tab*

GamParse has a new tab that parses Parcels! The Parcels Tab displays the Sender, Recipient, Qty of items, Item name, the Time the item was sent and which Postman was used to send/receive the parcel.

Functionality is similar to the revamped Loots tab.

*Fight List Tab*

Corpses will no longer show up in the Fight List. (This is EverQuest, not Castlevania).

*Combine Fights*
The Combine Fights button on the Fight List tab is now available only when two or more fights are selected.

Combined Fights will no longer display as "Fight 0" in the program titlebar.

*Randoms Tab*

The Randoms Tab has been updated to support the new Advanced Looting system! It has been sub-divided into two additional tabs: "Manual" for the older manual /random rolls, and "AutoRoll" for the newer Advanced Looting system rolls.

The new AutoRoll sub-tab displays a numbered list of all autorolls via group or raid, the bid Type (Need/Greed), the Quantity of items, the Item Name, the Time the roll was won, and the Winner. Selecting a roll will populate the adjacent box with a list of each rollers Name and their Roll.

Removed the superflous Roller Box from the "Manual" sub-tab as well as improved behind the scenes functionality of manual /randoms. (Shouldn't see any change beyond the missing Roller box).

*Chat Tab*

*Save Results*
A new button allows you to save the current chat results to a text file so you can easily review it later.

*Chat Channels*
Added support for symbols (@!#$ etc.) in chat channel names.

*Spells Tab*

*Comparison Box*
Added several Beastlord Discs to be parsed

Added Dichotomic Fury as a "Received Buff"

Auspice of the Hunter should now properly parse for others besides the caster.

*Spells Over Time Box*
The Spells Over Time box should be less laggy when populating.

*Search Tab*

Searchbox will now empty on loading a logfile


*Error Reporting*
GamParse will now submit error reports to me via email to enable quicker fixes. This function can be disabled via a new option in Settings > General "Suppress Reports."

*Fight Start Mode*
Added a new option in (Settings > General Options) that changes how Gamparse calculates the beginning of a fight.

First Damage (Default, no change)
---GamParse will start the clock when it detects damage dealt by ANY PC TO NPC OR NPC TO PC. (Any PC OR NPC can start a fight).
First PC Damage
---GamParse will start the clock when it detects damage dealt by ANY PC TO NPC, but not the reverse. (Only PCs can start a fight).
First Player Damage
---GamParse will start the clock when it detects damage dealt by YOU (the parsing player) TO NPC. (Only YOU can start a fight).

This feature is currently DISABLED. It may be enabled in the future when I feel it is ready.

*Class Identification via Spells*
Added all Beastlord spells to the list of checked spells used to identify a caster as a Beastlord.

The list of class spells now parses spells that use either Roman or Arabic numerals. (I, II, III or 1, 2, 3).

The spell -> class identification routine will now only run if the player's class is unknown. (It won't try to override the current class with a new class).

-Double buffered all listviews to reduce flickering / increase performance when populating a box with a large amount of data.
-Hid many controls on loading a new file to increase performance.
-Updated from Unicode 7 to 8. (This should prevent errors parsing some symbols).
-Updated how File Names are parsed (Regex) to be more reliable for custom servers.
-Added Option to choose which item database to search. This can be changed via Settings > General Options.
-Added option to reset all settings to default. This can be accessed vis Settings > "Load Default Settings."
-Rewrote Lastloaded/Monitored List to be cleaner. (You should see no change).
-Tightened Regex for Faction messages. (You should see no change).
-Added Event combines for Wither and Decay (They will now parse as Wither and Decay without the intermediate names).

*Bug Fixes*
-Fix error if no limit is specified for search results.
-Fixed Beastlord Feral Swipe ability reporting double damage (Hit + Punch messages).
-Fixed pet messages and other chat changes.
-Prevent flurry errors if the flurry has no preceeding damage message.
-Fixed % sign not displaying correctly.
-Fixed bug with 1 point DS messages.
-Fixed several errors that could cause bad data to be saved as a Pet or a Player.