Change Log for GamParse 1.5.1.x Versions

GamParse v1.5.1.7 - February 21, 2016

-Fixed a error that prevented correctly parsing damage done to Wither in the Wither and Decay Raid.
-Added an option to suppress minor parsing error notifications. It is available under General Options.
-Lowered the Default Min Damage option value to 5. This can still be adjusted in settings.

The above changes require forcing a reset of the settings file to ensure it is valid. Sorry.

GamParse v1.5.1.6 - January 5, 2016

-Added an option to disable the timeline when comparing spell casts.
-Fixed error when in hover mode and coin is split.
-Fixed incorrect labels for spellcasts when exporting to html.
-Added some missing Rogue Discs.

GamParse v1.5.1.5 - August 23, 2015

-Added check to convert YOUR to player name when an opponent absorbs your DS.
-Renamed Innerflame to Terrorflame, the newest incarnation.

GamParse v1.5.1.4 - August 23, 2015

-Fixed incorrect spacing on the Veteran AA Special Codes.
-Fixed parsing of runes when they absorb a Damage shield.
-Fixed a mistake with the new Spell Feedback parsing twice.
-Fixed Missing special code descriptions that were missing when exporting.
-Fixed Heel of Zagali, Illusions of Grandeur, and Chromatic Haze so they will properly show as "Received" spells.
-Fixed incorrectly set CompletedLoad variable when using the last 5MB load option. It was previously thinking loading was completed before it actually was and attempting to parse new data while old data was still loading, causing an error.

-Converted CritSize to use Int64 in a few places it was missing.
-Removed some old checks that capped damage to 9 digits and converted them to use Int64.
-Renamed the fake player for Reverse DS to remove "Cleric" from the name to prevent class jealousy.
-All Clipboard copy events will now play the sound if the option is enabled. the option to play a sound when copying to clipboard is no longer dependant on AutoSend being enabled.
-Renamed nearly all objects to use my naming scheme and removed remnants of phantom objects that had been previously deleted but still lingered. This shouldn't have any effect on anything.
-Moved Player Tracking via chat from PartyChange into the actual chat parsing section where it is properly checked to prevent errors. This should greatly increase the accuracy of tracking who is a player vs a NPC.

-Damage done to Eyeballs "Eye of Beimeith" is now ignored. This should prevent them showing in the fightlist. This will not affect the existing named NPCs.
-Damage done by a player to themselves is now properly flagged as being done by themselves. This prevents creating fake opponents "himself/herself/itself" that shouldn't exist.
-The name of the DoT that does damage is now tracked. Any DoT damage by the Beastlord Pet DoT "Bestial Bloodrage" is now ignored. This should prevent Beastlord pets showing in the fightlist when their owners use this DoT on them.
-Pets are now tracked and saved in the settings file. This list is checked against and any damage done by them or to them from a tracked player or another tracked pet is ignored. This should prevent most pets from showing up in the fightlist.

-Added a new option under Help that opens a browser window this Changelog page.
-Added additional options to the "Restrict Chat by Time" Dropdown list on the chat tab.
-Added Claw of the Flameweaver and Claw of the Flamewing to list of Wizard spells to identify player class.
-Added support for parsing new DS/Feedback messages when only a single point of damage has been dealt.
-Added an extra check when attempting to link a default pet to a default player to prevent linking a player as your pet.
-Added an additional check for when DD spells Critical Hit. This should prevent incorrect crit rates when at max spell range.
-Added a note to most error messages that reminds you that you can press "CTRL + C" to copy the exact error message to the clipboard.
-Added new options to customize the display of Live DPS Overlays. You can now optionally show SDPS, DPS, %, and Labels. DPS now displays individual time. The Live DPS Overlays will now automatically resize their width based on the options set.
-Added option to Enable Split Sending & the Delay Timer value under Send Options. If you attempt to send more than will paste into EQ it will now trigger a timer that will break it into chunks and send them one after another at a set interval until all has been copied.

Example: If you attempt to send something that is 4 times the maximum length GamParse will break it into 4 chunks. It will copy the first chunk to the clipboard, pause for a set number of seconds to allow you to paste it into EQ, then copy the second chunk to the clipboard, pause, and continue on until all 4 chunks have been sent.

GamParse v1.5.1.3 - July 25th, 2015

-Updated several abilities that have new spell landing messages
-Added support for new Cleric Reverse DS messages. It will now show as a fake player.
-Added support for new Spell Feedback messages.
-Fixed an issue with the new regular DS messages that was missed before.
-Generic Error messages should now give the line that generated the error.

GamParse v1.5.1.2 - July 22nd, 2015

-Added updated Monk Discs to list of tracked Discs.
-Added support for new Damage Shield messages.
-Damage Shield damage will now correctly attribute the damage to whomever dealt it.
-Damage Shield damage now has it's own damage type. It will show as "Environmental" damage in the Tanking and Player DPS Tabs.

Note: There is a known bug with Damage Shield damage if it is absorbed by runes. Currently a damage shield hit that is absorbed by a rune will NOT appear as "Absorbed" under the Tanking tab. I still have to track down the cause of it not appearing but it is a minor issue and I wanted to push out the above fix asap.

GamParse v1.5.1.1 - July 14th, 2015

Bug Fixes:

-Fixed a bug with Five Point Palm causing GamParse to believe the player is an NPC.
-Fixed a bug where Chat lines containing archery messages were being parsed as a fight.

GamParse v1.5.1.0 - July 12th, 2015

Faction Tab

GamParse has a new tab that parses faction hits! Factions hits display the name of the faction, the amount of change, the timestamp and the Zone where the hit took place. If the faction hits do not display a number such as when you are Max KOS or Max Ally, it will display KOS or Ally instead of the number. When loading an older logfile where faction hits only show as positive or negative it will show "Better" or "Worse" respectively.

You can filter the list via dropdown boxes similar to the revamped Loot Tab. Filtering by Faction will create a sum total of the faction at the bottom of the list if possible.

Note: The NPC column is unused at this time but may display the name of the NPC/Quest that caused the faction change in the future.

Search Tab

Sometimes you may want to search for multiple items at the same time for comparison which required opening two instances of GamParse. This is no longer necessary as you can now search up to 15 different items in their own tabs within a single instance of GamParse.

Search Within Search Results
Sometimes a search simply returns too many results to find exactly what you are looking for easily. Now you can search within search results to find those specific lines you are looking for.

Date/Time Filters
New dropdown filters limit search results to the selected date and time. Note that you must search once before the option for restricting by Date becomes available.

Save Search
A new button allows you to save the current search results to a text file so you can easily review it later.

Copy URL
A new button allows you to copy just the URL from a line in the search results. Note: the URL must begin with "https://", "https://", or "www." to be detected.

Limit Results
Added more options to the Limit Results dropdown box. You can now limit results to 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, and All.

Search Clear on Selected Fight Change
Selecting a new fight from the Fight Navigator will no longer clear your search results.

Spells Tab

The Overview box now lists the class if that information is available. You can also sort the box by clicking on the columns.

Added a limited number of "Debuff" tracking. These work similar to "Received" buff messages.

Chromatic Haze is now checked as a Received buff.

Warrior's Flash of Anger ability is now correctly parsed.

Clicking on a Received buff will not open Lucy (since they are not valid spell names)

"Received" and "Debuff" spells will no longer be counted toward the total casts for players in the Overview and Comparison boxes.

Chat Tab

Language Support
Chat parsing now supports speaking in other EQ languages besides "Common."

Copy URL
A new button allows you to copy just the URL from a line in the search results. Note: the URL must begin with "https://", "https://", or "www." to be detected.

Loot Tab

Coin Parsing
Coin parsing now supports coin received via "split" when using the Advanced Looting Feature or the /split command.

Main Menu

Load Last 5 MB
Added the missing option to load the last 5MB of a log file. This is useful for when you only want to check the last bit of a log file and do not want to load the entire log.

Load / Monitor Recently Viewed Logs
GamParse will now keep a list of the last logs opened (up to 10). You have the options of Loading the entire log, or monitoring the log for new fights. Note the lists are separate since you can load a backup'd log, but you can't monitor a backup log for new fights.

Selective Backup
Previously you could only backup entire logs or a single/combined fight, but there is a lot more information that maybe you want to backup separately. Selective Backup is a new menu option that allows you to backup specific parts of the log file: Chat, Loot/Coin messages, Random rolls, and/or Faction hits.


Default Pet
You can now link a default pet to the default player by setting it in the General Options. This allows pet classes to link their own pet to themselves and will no longer need to do /pet who leader to link their pet when parsing themselves. Note that you will still need to /pet who leader for -other- people to link your pets as this applies only to the default player. It does not keep a list of all pets for all players.

Temporary Files
Temporary files generated by Gamparse (such as loading a zipped backup file) are now deleted when loading a new log file.

Temporary files are deleted when the program is closed, but previously if you didn't close the program and opened multiple zipped files they would build up in the system and take up space. They are still deleted when closing the program, but they are also cleared when loading a new file.

Settings File
Cleaned up old code related to the saving of settings options. Settings should now be saved more reliably.

Added a label to all graphs containing the version number of GamParse that they were made in.

Special Codes
Added new Special Codes for Infusion of the Faithful and Armor of Experience.

Changed the Special Code for Staunch Recovery from "S" to "6" so that all Veteran Reward Special Codes use the same naming convention (the year).

Tab Index
Edited the Tab Index on everything to follow a more logical progression.

Bug Fixes

-Fixed a bug where bonus DoT Damage messages gave an error. They will now parse correctly.
-Fixed a bug with the Graphs tab where sometimes it would not properly resize the graph if you changed the size of the GamParse window.
-Fixed a bug with the Graphs where clicking multiple times on the Tank hits button would duplicate names in the drop down box.
-Fixed a bug that allowed you to make the window smaller than it should be.