Change Log for GamParse 1.5.0.x Versions

GamParse v1.5.0.2 - January 18th, 2015

-Fixed issue with the backup timer causing a new load every time it fired, even if there was no backup.
-Fixed issue(s) that caused improper backup settings to be allowed.*
-Added a notification when copying to the system clipboard fails because another program has locked the clipboard.
-Added checking for improper settings files.

*Because of the changes to the the backup settings, the first time is loaded it will overwrite your current settings file with default values.

GamParse v1.5.0.1 - January 5th, 2015

-GamParse will now save your current zone information when you backup your log files. It will write a false zone message into the new log file to ensure proper parsing.

GamParse v1.5.0.0 - January 1st, 2015

Fight Navigator

Optional Counting/Listing of Mobs when Combined
When combining multiple fights from the Fight Navigator or Fight List, a new option will have GamParse give more detailed information about which fights were combined.


/GU Arch Mage Harron pet (8), A royal myrmidon (3), A royal scout (2), A crusader (2), A champion (2) in 407s, 89654k @220279sdps --- #1 Wizard 9952k@24452sdps (25984dps in 383s)

Fight Tab

Zone Tracking
GamParse now attempts to determine the zone each fight and loot event took place in based on zoning messages. This information is displayed in a new column on the Fight List Tab and is available to the revamped Loot Tab. When exporting a fight to a new file, a false zone message will be created to ensure the zone is properly detected when the file is opened again.

Participants per fight Tracking
A new column in the Fight List tab displays the number of PCs that were detected taking actions during each fight for a quick glance at how many were active per fight.

Overview Tab

Class Tracking
GamParse now attempts to determine the class of each player it detects via spells and combat skills, as well as /who. This information is displayed in a new column in the Overview Tab, and a new option has been added to use class names in place of player names when outputting information to preserve anonymity.

Per Fight Ranking
A new column in the Overview Tab displays a simple ranking based on Total Damage so you can easily see where each player came in. This number is also used when you click the "Send Highlighted to EQ" button.

Export to Worksheet
A new button on the Overview Tab allows for exporting fight information into an Excel XML spreadsheet.

Notification of Completed Export
You will now be notified when your fight has completed exporting into a new file.

Bigger Pet Box
The height of the Pet box has been slightly increased so that it should no longer create a scroll bar when a single player is selected.

SDPS Option / DPS Time in Send to EQ
Scaled DPS (sdps) can now be displayed when sending information into EQ, giving a more accurate comparison between players. When enabled, sdps is displayed directly behind the total damage. Raw dps is now displayed with the players' personal engagement times after it in parenthesis. Displaying sdps and raw dps are both optional. Displaying the engagement time with raw dps is not optional. Percentage of total damage follows raw dps and is now in brackets.

Example with all optional components enabled:

/GU A champion in 37s, 5335k @144176sdps --- Wizard 931k@25153sdps (51704dps in 18s) [17.45%]

Suppress No Damage Players Option
A new option (Settings > General Options) has been added to suppress players who did 0 damage from showing in the Overview Tab.

Spells & Discs Tab

Short Term Buff Tracking
Specific short term buffs such as Bard/Shaman epics are now tracked as "spells" on the Spells and Discs tab. They can be identified as they begin with the word "Received."

Search Spells on Lucy
You can now quickly search for any spell on Lucy by double-clicking the spell name in the Comparison Box.

Tanking Tab

Order of Operations
The Order of Operations when calculating defensive skills has been corrected. Hit/Miss/Defensive percentages are now based on the actual number of attempts against that skill, not the total number of attempts. Accordingly, the attempts against each skill type are now displayed.

Invulnerability (DA) is now listed separately as its own defensive skill type. It is no longer counted as a Rune (absorb).*

Tanking Details Box
The Tanking Details box has been changed from Column based to Row based. This allows for cleaner presentation and exporting of the data via a new Send Highlighted to EQ button.

Hits and Real Hits
Differentiated between Hits, when the mob actually hits you to do damage (not DA or a MISS) BEFORE runes, and Real Hits, when the mob actually hits you and does damage. (Real Hits = Hits - Runes/Absorb). This gives a better picture of how often you are actually taking damage that reduces your hit points.

DD and DoT Spells
DD and DoT Spells are no longer counted as part of the Total for tanking because you cannot defend against them. Total has been renamed "Total Melee" accordingly. DD and DoT information will now always appear at the bottom of the list.

There is now a checkbox for Monks and Beastlords only that will recalculate the order of operations for them. What this does is replace "Parry" with "Block" and calculate it that way instead.**

Hit Count Box
The Hit Count Box has been updated to reflect the above changes.

*Note that despite being checked first, Invulnerability is NOT counted as "Defended" since it is not a real defensive skill. It DOES affect the attempts for subsequent calculations however.

**Note that this ONLY works with the normal "Block" skill. If You are parsing a Monk/Beastlord that is using Staffblock, it will not be correct. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to do this as the "skill" block and "shield/staff" block have the exact same message when they fire, even though they are completely separate things and are calculated separately.

Graphs Tab

Graph Scaling
Graphs are now auto-scaling based on the size of the GamParse window and should no longer become unreadable with high values. By default, gridlines are now determined based on a logarithmic algorithm that rounds to a suitable scale. You may also optionally choose to scale the graph based on the maximum hit. Maximum hits are now displayed in the lower left corner of the graph.

Graph Lines
There are now checkbox toggles for whether to display Healing, Damage, Rolling DPS and Average DPS lines on the graph. This allows you to display a clean unobstructed graph of each line.

Maximum Values
The maximum values for each line on the graph are now listed in the bottom left corner of the graph for easy reference.

Healing Tab

YOUR healing of OTHERS Box
Added new buttons to send information on YOUR healing of OTHERS into EQ. The Send Summary to EQ button will send a summary of all information into EQ up to the maximum number of characters. The Send Highlighted to EQ button will send only the highlighted lines into EQ.

Note: Healers do NOT see the actual amount of health healed on their target. Only the recipient of a heal sees the correct value.

OTHERS healing of YOU Box

Added a new button to send information on OTHERS healing of YOU into EQ. The Send Highlighted to EQ button will send only the highlighted lines into EQ.

Loots Tab

Loot Output Window
The Loot Output Window has been expanded to include player name, time, and zone information. The old selector boxes have been removed in favor of a set of new drop down filters that can be used to narrow the results shown in the box.

Coin Output Window
GamParse now tracks your looted Coin! A new window below the Loot Output Window now lists all Coin you have looted, the time, and the Zone. A handy counter at the bottom tabulates your cash, and filters similar to the loot window allow you to narrow the results shown in the box.

Loot & Coin Send to EQ Buttons
With the update to the Loot window and the new Coin window come buttons that allow you to copy the selected line into EQ to quickly share information about looted items or looted coin.

Random Tab

GamParse has a new tab that parses /Randoms! "Random Sets" are created as soon as a new /Random is detected, and all /Randoms of the same set are grouped together up to a pre-defined, configurable, period of time, (default 5 minutes).

Example: If you /random 0 100 at 12:00:01PM, any other /random 0 100 will be grouped together until 12:05:00PM. If you /random 0 100 at 12:05:01PM, it will create a new Random Set, and all /random 0 100 from 12:05:01PM until 12:10:00PM will be grouped together.

Five buttons are available that will send information into EQ: Top Roller(s), Bottom Roller(s), Middle Roller(s), Top & Bottom Roller(s), and a Random Roller. The number of rollers that are sent is configurable.

There is an option, enabled by default, to hide duplicate rolls from the same person. When checked, only the first roll from that player is counted, any subsequent rolls from that player are ignored for that random set.

Chat Tab
Serverwide chat channels are now included in the Chat Tab.

Options Tab

Options Tab Replaced by Settings Menu
The Options Tab has been removed. The settings formally available on the Options Tab are now accessed via the Settings Menu. Changes are no longer automatically saved to prevent accidentally changing the wrong item.

Backup / Loading Compressed Log Files
GamParse now automatically compresses backed up log files into .gz format. GamParse can also load these files directly, no need to uncompress before loading.

Configurable Backup Directory
You can now configure where to store backup log files.

Optional Backup Checking
You can now specify the size that will trigger a backup if you desire to have smaller or larger backups, and set a timer for GamParse to check if it is ready to backup.

Version Specific Settings File
Gamparse.ini is now (Gamparse-[version number].ini) so as not to try to load an incompatible file or overwrite an older version if multiple versions of GamParse are run from the same directory.

Settings File Location
To allow for better version control, the settings file is now stored in the Windows User's AppData folder by default, NOT in the same folder as GamParse.exe. This has no effect on any functionality of the program.

Note: If GamParse detects a settings file in the running directory, it will use that over the file in AppData. This is recommended ONLY for advanced users that wish to use multiple instances of GamParse in different folders with different settings.


Improved Column Sorting
Most columns, (Dates, Numbers, Characters) are now sortable in both ascending and descending directions. Previously only specific columns could be sorted, and usually only in descending order.

Improved Loading Bar
The Loading Bar looks better and now displays the total time it took to load the current file.

Improved Rampage Detection
Rampage attacks should be more reliably identified.

Revision Displayed in Title
The revision number (the fourth number) is now displayed in the program title. This will make identifying specific versions easier in the future.

Current File Label
The Current File Label have been moved from the top left under the Menu Bar, to on the Menu Bar itself, aligned to the right. This gives much more space when loading files with long names.

Bug Fixes

--Fixed multiple crash errors when dealing with numbers greater than the max value of Int32.
--Fixed crash if you tried to search the log without a log loaded.
--Fixed crash if you tried to display a tanking graph with no player selected.
--Fixed crash if you used GINA to back up log files that GamParse was reading.
--Fixed Runes (absorb) not parsing properly.
--Fixed the buttons on the HTML pages created by the export to HTML button. (Note this will only work for new HTML files, any ones previously made will be missing the buttons).
--Fixed several buttons that wanted to move when you resized the window.
--Fixed the Tracked Player function (the list of who is a player and not an npc) to ignore triggertext in chat. It was improperly flagging random words in chat as a "player."
--Fixed, or at least -greatly- reduced, Players showing up in the Pet List on the Overview Tab.
--Fixed bug where pets linked to an owner could not show hit graphs.
--Fixed bug with the CombinePets button on the Overview. It wasn't working if "AutoCombinePets" option was enabled.
--Fixed bug where graphs were offset by one second.
--Fixed issue where X-Axis labels would jumble together if they were too large.
--Fixed issue where a HoT was being attributed to a corpse if the healer died. (Sorry Kaen).