Change log for GamParse 1.0.x

GamParse v1.0.3 - January 1st, 2010

Updated live DPS overlay:

  • DPS is shown with a bar chart behind it showing relative DPS across players
  • You are shown on a red bar
  • Other players are shown on a blue bar
  • You can select between showing top 5, 10, 15 and 20 players
  • Your own DPS will always be shown even if outside of the selected number of players
  • Rankings will be shown for each player
  • Updated overlays to force them to the top every 5 minutes for those with other programs competing to be on top

Updated how overlays are positioned. You can now place overlays into any screen, not just the primary screen.

Added chat tracking:

  • Tracks main channels: Group, Guild, Raid, Fellowship, OOC, Shout, Auction and Say
  • Tracks all joined channels
  • Tracks tells, allowing you to select individual conversations, or all tells to you or from you
  • You can select multiple lines to see multiple channels or conversations together
  • You can set your filter to show all chat, or limit it by time, and clear the chat area so only new chat appears
  • And you can select any chat lines you wish to share, and then copy the selected lines to the clipboard

Doubling clicking on an item on the Loots tab will now attempt to open the Lucy entry for that item.

Added the new glyphs to 'special' tracking.

GamParse v1.0.2 - September 16th, 2008

Live tanking details are now available as a Tanking overlay (enabled on the options page) and on the Live Fights tab showing:

  • Total damage to the tank
  • DPS against the tank for the last 12 seconds
  • Status of the tank: "DI UP!", "DI Down!" and "DEAD!!"
  • The minimum, average and maximum hits against the tank
  • The percentage of swings that actually hit the tank
  • The last person to receive rampage damage from the opponent
  • To chose the tank to track you need to send yourself a tell using the open square bracket:
  • [tell Gamanern !Tank Gamamern
  • [tell Gamanern !Tank Cashuee

Live Fights and Live DPS overlay now have pets joined to their owners, with the option to show them separately. The default will be to join the pets and owners, but you can change this on the Options page by unchecking 'Combine pets with their owners'.

The Live Fights tab and Live DPS overlay will include the 'Special' from the Overview tab. You can now see, in real time, when people use their glyphs, 7th, and other special abilities.

Live Fights and Live DPS overlay also includes elapsed time for the fight.

Build a complete support website for GamParse, including totally re-written instructions. Updated GamParse to have links to the new pages.

Added tracking of Kiss of E. Marr (as 'K') and Staunch recovery (as 'S') to the list of 'Special' on the overview tab.

Created new attack types for Rampage and Wild Rampage so you can now track just how much damage each person takes from Rampage and Wild Rampage. There was a change a few months ago which added information to the log file so I could identify rampage more accurately.

Window size and location are now stored, including if the program was maximised or not.

Fixed restore from minimised so it remembers if the program was previously maximised.

Added a new Send to EQ button to the Overview tab. You can now select players from the list and send only those to EQ. Now you can send specific groups, like highlighting the people of the same class as you and sending that to the class specific channel, or you could do the top 5, bottom 5, or any combination you want.

Added two export buttons for the Spells & Discs tab so you can share the casting list with your guild. 'Export to Forum' uses BBCode and will work for almost all forum software, while 'Export to HTML' will look nicer, but only a few forums will support this.

Add an option to truncate Overview 'Send HTML to forums' for forums that have a post size limit. Find the option on the Options tab as 'Truncate HTML to forums to top 40 players'

Completely automated the saving of settings, so there is no longer any need for the 'Save Settings' button.

By request from Sam Deathwalker, you can now highlight fights on the Fight List tab and then export that information in a format that you can post to forums. I can see some interesting discussions on The Steel Warrior soon.

Tanking page now shows hits that were totally absorbed as a part of the defenses. This mostly affected mage pet tanks.

Re-engaged the disc tracking code. This was disabled during speed testing of the previous version, but I hadn't turned it on again, but it is back again.

Corrected an issue with identifying your own death. Once you have died on an event, parsing will fail as you can see melee, but not spells in hover mode.

Tightened up tracking of critical hits when you are at a range that you can see the crit reports, but not the actual hits that go with them. They have different visual ranges.

Added an 'Export Tanking Details' button to the Tanking tab. This is to work with a request from 'Yoda' on The Steel Warrior so he can could do further investigation about tank survivability and the value of AC. The export will be to clipboard in a comma separated format that will be easily paste into Excel, though you will need to use the 'Text to Columns' option selecting 'Comma separated' to split into cells.

  • Shows damage received, by type
  • Shows heals (if the person parsing was the tank)
  • Shows discs starting
  • Shows discs ending (if the person parsing was the tank)
  • Shows Vie going on
  • Shows Vie wearing off (if the person parsing was the tank)
  • Shows DI being triggered
  • Shows DI going on

GamParse v1.0.1 - June 21st, 2008

Added options to show live DPS and completed events as an overlay so you can see the details without leaving game.

  • This feature REQUIRES playing in windowed mode. As it is only an option, if you play in full screen mode, simply leave the overlays unchecked.
  • You can now view live DPS in game as it happens, showing DPS and DMG numbers for the full raid or group, yourself, and the top 4 other players and pets.
  • You can track two fights at once, being the two fights with the highest damage done so far.
  • You can also view fights after they have completed, showing a light version of the information from the overview tab, in the same sorting. This summary will show name, DMG, %DMG, DPS and SDPS.
  • Placement of the overlays is changed using 'Adjust' on the options tab and dragging the windows into place.

Added an option to suppress pulling information from fights.

  • Enable on the options tab.
  • Once enabled if a target looks like it has been pulled, then it will restart the fight once the target arrives in camp so pullers will no longer have misrepresented DPS numbers.

Cleaned up the critical hit recognition. There were previous problems when other messages appeared between the critical hit message and the related damage message. The main messages of this nature were damage shield reports and slain messages.

You can now select and copy multiple lines on the Log Search tab.

The Log Search is no longer case sensitive.

Updated a few more text boxes to behave as expected when you hit enter.

Added the ability to export graphs

  • Uses a context menu (right click menu ...) to select the option you required.
  • You can copy to the clipboard so you can paste into another program, like a paint program or a word processor.
  • You can also save to a PNG formatted file, ideal for posting to your guild's forums.

Updated the heal parsing to work with the changed heal messages when EQ had changed a few patches back. Old and new messages are now handled, so you can still work with old or new files.

Send to EQ from the Overview, and also from the Auto-send option, will now use the order of the Overview tab.

  • GamParse will still default to ordering by damage done
  • Click on any heading to sort by it, which will also affect Send to EQ information.

Fixed the overview section of the full HTML output so it now correctly shows the total DMG, DPS and fight time.

Added the ability to load only a portion of a file to help those that have enormous log files.

  • You can still chose to load a full log or to simply monitor for new fights.
  • Now you can also chose to load the fights within the last 7 days, 2days or 24 hours.
  • GamParse will now seek the point you want to load from very quickly, and then only load the fights required, so files with months of information can be used without having to load in all those old fights.
  • It is still recommended that you back up your log files regularly, but at least now you can work with larger files faster.

From the options page, if you have Auto-monitor enabled, it will now check the size of the file and offer to back it up for you if you wish.

  • If the file reaches 100MB you will be prompted if you wish to back up the file at this time.
  • When backed up, it will be renamed and placed into a subdirectory of your Logs directory, with full information given to you when the option is selected.

The Player DPS tab, and the Player DPS section of the HTML output, now include the number of attempts per second, so you can now see how many times you swung once, twice, 3 times in a second during a fight.

Added the option of %DMG to the Send to EQ option, so you can now show the guild what portion of the damage each person accounted for.

Added % of total attempts to the tanking outputs, so now you can quickly see what percentage of attempts were misses, parried or hit for 2716 points (or any other number the target hit you for).

  • This affects the interface, the Export to Text and the full HTML outputs.

Set minimise to now go to the system tray.

  • This allows you to access GamParse when you want, without it being accidentally opened when you were using 'Alt-Tab' to switch between your toons when boxing on a single computer.
  • When minimised it will drop down to a little 'GP' icon in your system tray.
  • Clicking on the GP icon will resort the program.

Removed the interface for 'Tracked Players' as you didn't need to modify it, so it was removed to lessen the complexity of the Options tab.

GamParse v1.0.0 - January 28th, 2008

This is a major update, cleaning up all the outstanding items on my 'to do' list, and adding all the core features I had wanted.

Added the ability to export a fight to a log file, allowing you to produce single fight versions of your log file.

  • This allows you to store only the important fights, so you can remove the rest of the log file if desired.
  • This also allows you to open a single fight in your favorite text editor for advanced analysis.
  • Created an option to strip out any player chatter so you can share the one fight log files without giving away any guild information like strategies, or any other chatter that you don't want to share.
  • Created an option to automatically open the resulting log file in your favorite text editor (as defined by the type for 'TXT' in your settings in Windows)
  • Stores pet linking information, so if you link pets, when you open the new file in GamParse, the pet link information will be automatically populated for you.

Added the ability to output a detailed fight summary in a plain text format to support forums which do not allow HTML code.

  • Default shows DMG, DPS, SDPS (scaled), DMG to PC, DPS to PC and special.
  • Options to also show:
  • Damage by type
  • Damage by criticals
  • Hits and accuracy

Added an option to auto send the DPS summary to the clipboard as a fight completes.

  • It does not send to EQ repeatedly while opening an existing log file, it is limited to fights occuring in real time.
  • There is an option for the minimum size before sending the DPS summary to clipboard. This is currently set to 500,000 which should limit the function to only raid targets, but you can set this number higher or lower to suit your own needs.
  • There is an option to play a sound on copying. That is my voice.

Added in a log search tab.

  • You can search using regular text, or if you wish, using Regex.
  • You can limit the number of lines output in case your search finds too many matches. You can also show all matches
  • You can selected a line from the resulting matches, and copy it to clipboard. This is handy for sending back to EQ, or posting on forums, or quest info to Allakhazam's.
  • You can restrict the search to the selected fight (or combined fights) or you can search the entire log file.

Added '% of DMG' column to the interface and HTML, both for forums and to a file.

Added a 'Special' column to the interface and HTML, both for forums and to a file.

  • '7' indicates the use of the 7th year vet reward (Intensity of the Resolute)
  • 'G' indicates the use of one of the DPS related Glyphs
  • 'X' indicates the player had died
  • '$' indicates the player was saved by divine intervention
  • A legend has been added to all outputs
  • Death and saved by DI can occur more than once in a battle, you will see multiple 'X' and '$' if this happens.

Updated how joining fights work when the fights over lap, like on trash clearing on a raid, with several opponents in camp at once.

  • Previously all fights were joined end to end, even if they did overlap.
  • Now the overlapping fights will be joined as overlapping, so total time elapsed is more accurate, which lifts DPS numbers to better reflect what they should be.
  • Removed the double counting of spells that occurred while there were two active fights. Now spells will show the proper count.

Added file save dialogues when saving HTML and single fight log files.

  • Your output directory is stored so next time you can output quickly to the same location
  • HTML and single file log files locations are stored separately
  • You can change file names as needed, for events like Lethar 1 and Lethar 2 will no longer overwrite each other

Identified paladins 'Slay' damage and now placed it as a type of its own. Previously the slays were showing against slash and crush.

  • Paladins can now see what portion of their damage came from slays.
  • Using the interface, paladins can now look at their hit distribution of slays on the graphing tab.

Added ability to select a player on the 'Player DPS' tab and send their details to EQ.

  • It will be formatted as a tell to the player, or if a pet, a tell to the owner. If you wish to send to a different player, you will need to edit the start of the line (Shift-Home to get to the start of the line in EQ, Shift-left and Shift-right to move along the line)
  • Contains most of the key details from the Player DPS tab. If they want more information, they will need to do their own parsing, or if someone in guild posts it, refer to the full HTML output.
  • Great for sending information to people asking how they did on an event.

Added a live fights tab to track fights as they progress.

  • Shows two fights, ranked by total damage done so far. If more than two opponents in camp at a time, only the top two will show.
  • Shows the total raid DMG and DPS so far
  • Shows your own DMG and DPS so far
  • Shows the top 4 other players for DMG and DPS, ranked by their DMG so far.
  • Used a very large font so you can easily read from a second computer both quickly and at a distance.

Added a loots tab

  • Split into looters, and items looted
  • Select a looter to see all the items they looted, and a count of each.
  • Select an item to see who had looted it, and a count of how many times.
  • Due to the messages in EQ, if someone loots a stack, it only appears as a single in the log file, so some items maybe be understated.

Added healing numbers to the tanking line graph, but only if the tank was the person doing the parsing.

  • Cannot completely record heals for other players due to limitations in the EQ logging, so only available for the person doing the parsing.

Added the ability to send a healing summary to EQ, but only if the tank was the person doing the parsing.

  • Total of healing, ranked by ammount healed.
  • Cannot completely record heals for other players due to limitations in the EQ logging, so only available for the person doing the parsing.

Added an option to suppress finishing blows from appearing as DPS.

  • Damage is not added to the event, so DPS numbers are no longer skewed.
  • Added as an action on the 'Spells, discs and actions' tab.

Fixed a glitch with the line graph legened under Windows Vista. Apparently Vista and XP use different sized fonts.

Disabled auto-tips. These were more annoying than helpful, and instructions (old ...) are still available from the menu.

Fixed an issue where auto-tips prevented auto-monitor from starting correctly.

Fixed an issue when an underscore '_' was part of the path name.

Fixed an issue with identifying pet leader for a mage pet when you had 'Other's non-melee' disabled in EQ.

GamParse v0.9.12 - January 1st, 2008

Added graphing. The graphs include:

  • The graph will size itself to the size of the program, but to save on excess process, it will not resize on the fly. If you resize the program, clicking on the graphing buttons and drop downs will rebuild your graphs to match the program again.
  • A line graph of damage done by players and pets, as well as for the total raid. The graph shows the damage done each second, with a rolling DPS number for 6 seconds, and an average DPS line for the time fighting.
  • A horizontal bar chart showing the total damage done in a format that allows visual comparison on each player's contribution.
  • A horizontal bar chart showing the DPS done for the time attacking to again compare player's contributions
  • Player's hit distributions, but type, and by normal vs crits.
  • Tanking line graph showing the damage sustained by the main tank, also with the rolling 6 second DPS and average line.
  • Tanking hit distribution, so you can see whether your AC is making a difference or not. This chart will not suppress any numbers for at least 70 values, and if your desktop is large enough, maximizing the program will allow you to see even more hits, which is useful for those events where defensive, Vie and runes create a multitude of different hits.

Rebuilt the HTML file output so that it is easier to work with, collapsing it down to a single file, but using java scripting to make the HTML behave like a mini application. (Note: this does not affect the HTML table that you paste straight into your forum software, as it is still limited by the abilities of the forum itself)

  • You will start with an Overview of the fight, and 5 buttons down the side to take you to each of the sections.
  • Clicking on a section will hide any other section, and display the new one.
  • In each of the sections, there will often be further buttons to click on to show more information.
  • The DPS summary will show pets merged, with a [ + ] button allowing you to see the pets split out. The [ - ] button will collapse the pets again.
  • The Player DPS will show a list of players down the right, using the [ + ] button you can display one or more players side by side for easy comparison.
  • The Spells, Discs and Actions display in the same way as Player DPS.
  • The Tanking details also display in the same was as Player DPS.
  • The Healing summary shows all its details without any further need of clicking.

With the HTML output as a single file, it is now easier to host a single file, rather than the many (up to 200) files previously generated.

  • You can Host the file, and then link to it on your guild's forums. (in the same way my example code is linked to this post.)
  • Some forums allow you to attach documents, which may include HTML files. The forum administrator for your guild may be able to allow HTML files.
  • If you are serious about parsing everything, and making it all available, it may be worth investing in a cheap hosting service which often come with enormous amounts of storage, enough that parses will not fill it up ever.

Added heal parsing, though to be most effective, the parsing will need to be done by the main tank.

  • Due to the nature of the EverQuest log file, you can only log heals done BY YOU, and heals done TO YOU. So you cannot track all heals.
  • If parsed by the main tank for an event, you can get:
  • Healing done to you as a total from each person.
  • done to you over time, so you can see when each heal landed, how much it was for, and who cast it.
  • The parse can also done by a healer, so you can get:
  • Healing that you cast on others as a total, so you can see who was soaking up all that precious mana, just to keep them up.

Forced certain events to automatically combine correctly. Events like Ayonae Ro have the name of the target changing, which means you would see two fights in most parsers: "Ayonae Ro" and "Ayonae Ro (Vunerable)".

  • I have now forced several events with changing names to automatically treat them as the same name, so DPS is calculated correctly (simply merging the fights would result in incorrect figures).
  • The events catered for are:
  • Ayonae Ro
  • Mayong Mistmore
  • Dyn'leth
  • Yar`Lir
  • Any other event can be added, though I will require the exact names used, and the next version could have that event catered for also.

Due to program crashes caused by output that I hadn't expected, hence didn't cater for, when an unhandled exception occurs, it will place the details on the 'clipboard' including the offending line from the log file, so you can paste the details either to the forum, or in an email to me so I can fix the issue. Most of these problems have come from people making emotes that look very similar to a proper line in the log, but having a slight typo in them.

Updated the Fight overview to now include a column for DPS against the player, so you can see what rate the main tank was damaged at, so you can estimate your healing requirements from there.

Added strike through to the Player DPS page. The logging will only show you strike through done by you, so you cannot track other players.

Updated Player DPS page so that the attack types are sorted by damage done using that attack type.

Option for polling interval has been removed, and the program will also check the file once per second. This has no negative impact on your computer, so I decided to make all fights appear as fast as possible, all the better to help obsess over your parse.

Options for which sections to include when output HTML to a file have been removed. The file will now contain all sections.

Corrected an issue, so now any DoT or direct damage done to the person parsing will be picked up correctly.

Renamed a couple sections to make them clearer, and reflect the updated information they contain.

  • Player DPS (was previously Player Breakdown)
  • Spells, Discs and Actions (was previously Spellcasting Breakdown - this section contains discs, and actions, like being slain, and saved by DI)

Updated Tanking Details:

  • The hit counts now has 'Attempts' at the top of the list
  • The attack types now contain 'Total' so you can see all hits together, or by selecting a single attack type.
  • Fixed a display issue, where numbers that were supposed to appear as '0' would instead appear as a very small number in scientific notation. Strangely the very small number would take up a lot of space.

GamParse v0.9.11 - November 14th, 2007

Small update so I could release DoT parsing.

Added DoT parsing, now you can spy on necros too!!

Added melee discs, player death and divine intervention to the spellcasting tracking.

GamParse v0.9.10 - November 4th, 2007

Added ability to produce full HTML output, with significantly more details than previous output. You can now choose between posting to forums, and producing full HTML files.

  • Shows traditional DPS output
  • Option to show pet splits, so combined, the owner and their pets so you can see where their DPS came from
  • Option to show DPS breakdown information for each player and pet
  • Option to show spellcasting informtation for each player and pet, and opponents. Now you can easily track when that nasty AE is cast, and what spell name so you can cross check it in Lucy.
  • Option to show tanking details for each player and pet.

Added customization for HTML output.

  • Choose between small, medium and large fonts
  • Choose a colour combination for the cells and background
  • Choose a colour combination for the text
  • Outputs can now be tinkered to work with light or dark backgrounds

Made a large update on the tanking details page:

  • Combined all defenses into a new total of Defended
  • Added percentages for defenses, hits and misses
  • Added percentage accuracy for the opponent
  • Added defense rates for block, parry, dodge and riposte
  • rates based on how many chances they had:
  • Blocks checked first by EQ, so block rate compared to total swings
  • Parries checked second, so compared to total swings less any blocks
  • Ripostes checked third, so compared to total swings less any blocks and parries
  • Dodges checked forth, so compared to total swings less any blocks, parries and ripostes
  • Shield blocks checked fifth, but same message as block, so for now this is checked slightly out of order. This cannot be fixed until I start to store the class of the player.
  • Hits and misses checked last, so accuracy based on hits compared to total swings less all defenses, or in other words, hits compared to hits and misses combined.

Updated tanking output to EQ to include much of the new information on the tanking details page.

Pet breakout section added to the Fight Overview screen so you can now select a pet owner and you will see their DPS details combined with their pets, and also separated so you can see where their DPS is coming from

Pets with names that don't contain the player (mage, necro and shaman pets mostly) will now have their owner's name appended, so Xobtik will now appear as Xobtik (MageX) so you can find your pets more easily. This affects the Fight Overview, DPS Breakdown, Spellcasting and Tanking Details pages.

Tracked player list now populates itself for you. A player is added if they talk in your group, guild or raid, and also if you see any messages showing them added to your group or raid.

  • Allows you to track more fights as people you are tracking may be on an opponent that you aren't on
  • Allows you to pick up a fight sooner, which makes the parser run faster
  • Allows classes like healers and debuffers track fights better as they do not need to damage the opponent themselves just to track it
  • Tested on a list of 200 players, and there was no speed penalty on my computer
  • There is no reason to trim your tracked player list, so don't be concerned if it grows rather large. If you trim it, it will grow back as required.

Charmed players will no longed appear as a fight if they are on the Tracked Player list.

  • This allows more accurate DPS information, as damage will no longer be lost on charmed players (mostly when they change from charmed to regular and start attacking the main target)

Rejoice! I have removed all the excessive pop-ups from appearing whenever you hit any of the export or 'send to' buttons. The data is still placed on the clipboard, you just don't have to click a second button just to accept that it has happened.

Moved the options page to the last position. It is getting more complex, and for most players you don't need to change a thing, so moved it so I don't scare the newer people to parsing.

Moved the loading progress bar to the bottom of the screen so it is now visible from all pages, so you always know if it is still loading or not.

Handled the issue when people were parsing on one computer and playing on another, if GamParse was running when the play computer was rebooted it would crash when it lost access to the log file. Now it handles this better.

Updated ability to find the end of a fight that didn't have a 'slain' message, and the log file ended before 60 seconds had passed. It now continues checking time passing even if no updates received, and it can handle time differences between two PCs, so if the clocks are not in perfect sync, it will not adversely affect it.

  • This covers those parses when people are doing DPS testing against targets which will not die (test dummies on Test server, other large opponents on regular servers) and often close the log file soon after backing away from the opponent.

GamParse v0.9.9 - October 4th, 2007

By very popular request auto-merging of pets is finally here !!

  • pets which share the owners names are automatically identified, and the pet associated with its owner.
  • Mage pets can be identified when ever they do a 'Elemental Symbios' or similar spell.
  • Infomation from /pet leader is also used.

Fight overview can now be seen with pets merged to their owners, or with the pets and owners shown separately.

  • You can change between these modes using the Merge pets / Split pets button.
  • You can manually link pet to their owners if the information wasn't available in the log file.
  • When you manually link pets, it will attempt to make the same link for all existing fights, and store that information for any fights you see until the program is closed.
  • You can do a /pet leader on any unknown pets, and GamParse will see the information and update past fights with the new information.
  • You may want to encourage your mages to target their pets and do /pet leader before each encounter, and after summoning any new pets so the information is always available to GamParse.

Also by very popular request, you can now sort the columns for the Fight Overview, and the Fight Navigator by clicking on the headings.

  • When you Export to HTML or Send to EQ on the Fight Overview, it will re-sort the list by Total Damage before producing the information.

Another popular request completed was the 'auto-monitor' mode. You can set GamParse to start monitoring your favorite log file on start up. Check the options tab for details.

A one line summary of the tanking information of the selected player can now be generated and sent to EQ.

Any tracked pets will now be suppressed from appearing as a fight. This only works if the pet has been previously identified as a pet, so use the /pet leader command early, and often. Elemental Symbiosis will no longer place the Mage's pet on the fight list.

The built in instructions have been updated to cover all the latest changes. Remember you can access them under the instructions menu, or by enabling (and reseting) the tips option.

The DPS Send to EQ option has a couple new customizations:

  • You can force the letters 'dps' to be appended to the DPS numbers to make them more readable in EQ.
  • You can suppress the opponent's name, total damage taken, and total DPS from being output if you need the extra space to output a very large number of players when outputting to EQ.

Updated how archery damage is tracked when you are out of range for 'regular' damage messages. This only affects your own archery, to track other's archery, you still need to be close enough to the target.

Fixed a bug that made some log files sit at 100% complete, but never show the fights.

Fixed a bug where selecting a player on the tanking page who been attacked, but defended all blows, causing a divide by zero error.

GamParse v0.9.8 - September 26th, 2007

A big update, including a re-write.

Completed a major re-write of the program's core.

  • The program should now run significantly quicker
  • Latest timings show a 200MB file parsed in 68 seconds on my computer
  • The memory usage should be even lower than before
  • Latest check showed the program and the data from the 200MB file only used 135MB

Added the 'Tracked Players' list. This is a list of people to track, and when they do damage to a target, or something does damage to them, then GamParse will be able to identify an opponent. This will allow classes like clerics to parse fights as they do not need to damage the target any more, they just need to add some players to the tracked list who will damage the target.

Added the 'Send to EQ' button to the Fight Overview page which allows you to do a quick overall summary of total damage and DPS for a selected number of people, and returns it in a format which can be easily pasted into EverQuest. Now you can show the top 20 DPS'ers within seconds of the fight completing.

Created the 'Tanking Details' page.

  • This pages shows all the players and pets who took damage, and how much they took
  • For the selected player or pet, it shows finer details of how much damage they took and from what attack types, as well as showing how many times the opponent hit, missed, and was dodged, parried, blocked and riposted.
  • Further selecting the attack type, you will then see the spread of hits for that player, of that attack type, and it includes the defensive information as well.

Created a 'Damage Mod' page, which uses the difference between the reported critical hit, and the actual damage done to determine when an opponent has a bonus or a penalty when attacked by different weapon types. Use this to ensure your raid knows which types of wepaons to use on each target to maximise DPS.

  • This also has a feature that allows you to export this information into a quick one-liner that you can past into EverQuest.

Created 8 instruction topics and incorporated them into the parser. You will be shown one topic each time you start the program, and you can vie any topic by selecting it from the Instructions menu.

  • Obviously you can disable the automatic displaying from the options page.

The player breakdown page has been updated to now show your DPS split by each of the attack types you have, and also showing how many times you had flurried against the target, and how many flurries per minute you averaged.

Added the ability to suppress any fights that are too small. This will allow Mage's to stop their pets appearing as a fight constantly.

Updated the default polling rate (How often GamParse checks the log file) so it can be from 1 to 15 seconds, with the default set to checking every 5 seconds

  • This will result in fights appearing sooner after they have been completed, and for the fastest responses, you can set the polling time down to checking every 1 second.

GamParse v0.9.7 bugfix - August 25th, 2007

Found bug in live reading where special characters were not being counted, so file access was a little out of order. This caused DPS to be slightly understated in initial v0.9.7 release.

Adjusted caster criticals, so should find them all now.

Found bug when certain parts of player's chat would look like a parse line, changed to catch this better.

GamParse v0.9.7 - August 23th, 2007

Loading progress bar added, but only present on the front page.

Added an Export to HTML button to output the Fight Overview information in a HTML table. The output can be posted to a forum if it allows HTML, and has the proper tags allowed.

Spell Breakdown page added with the following:

  • Caster Overview, showing who cast spells during the event, how many, and any fizzles and interrupts they experienced.
  • Caster Comparison, showing which spells of the selected casters.
  • Caster by time, showing when the selected casters were casting their spells, which is nice for tracking healing, as well as allowing you to see how successful casters do their thing.
  • An Export to HTML button for the Caster by time table for posting to forums.

Note: All spells cast during the battle are included. I cannot determine if the spell is unrelated to the battle, but it is still a very good indication of the spells cast during the event.

Added a time stamp to every fight on the Fight List (Second tab)

Changed the behavior during loading, so the program refreshes constantly, so you will no longer appear to stop. (Not Responding messages doesn't mean a crash, just that the program hasn't refreshed the screen for a while)

Added a Monitor option to the File menu. Now you can monitor an existing file without having to load in the history stored in that file. The File Open option still monitors once the file has been loaded.

GamParse v0.9.6 - August 15th, 2007

Replaced the empty Welcome tab with an Options tab with some basic instructions. (Various requests)

Handled file names that have been heavily renamed without crashing now. (Beastlord's Den - Jitathab)

Default Player can now be entered for those log files renamed to the point that the program can no longer identify the player any more. (I still heavily suggest leaving the first section of the file name in tact so "eqlog_Gamanern_" so the program can find the player name, but if you have taken this information out of the filename, you can work around it with the Default Player information now) (Magician's Tower - Mindrix)

The window can now be resized and maximized (this was disabled until I learned how to do it properly). The window starts at the minimum size. (Beastlord's Den - Humlaine)

Disabled some of the click-throughs in favor of using the Fight Navigator on the left, and selecting the tab you want to be on. It was causing more confusion than it was worth.

Added option for fight time-out. If a fight has had no damage for a set amount of time, then it assumes the fight is finished. You can now set this number, or stay with the default of 60 seconds

Added option for log file polling. The default is to check the log file every 30 seconds, but you can now change this.

Stored last use location for log files, so you will only have to navigate to that directory the first time you install, subsequent runs will bring you to the same directory. (Beastlord's Den - Jitathab)

GamParse v0.9.5 - August 10th, 2007

Total redesign of interface to fit within a single window again.

Fight list on the left which allows you to switch fights without changing your location

Automatically combine fights by highlighting multiple lines on the left panel. You can still use the Combine Fights button on the main fight screen.

The ability to join pet's damage to their owner (Mages and Beastlords rejoice as the rest of the guild finally realizes you are good DPS)

Add information on lost DPS due to misses, blocks, parries, dodges and ripostes.

Updated core code to understand 17 different attack types. This should cover all melee damage now, though if other melee is found I can add to this list.

GamParse v0.9.4 - August 3rd, 2007

Added detailer player information about hit types and critical hits and blasts.

GamParse v0.9.3 - July 29th, 2007

Added live parsing, when loading a character it will now open all existing fights, and then append any completed fights every 30 seconds.

This is the first public test version

GamParse v0.9.2 - July 24th, 2007

Damage over Time should now be included. Only tested using beastlord DoTs, so I would like to hear some feedback from the necro's.

Join fights button completed. You can now join fights together. Either join pieces of a raid mob together (Red Fang, ZT etc), or join all the trash from a single zone. With trash joined from an XP group you can get a feel for over all DPS levels. Once joined, you can do all the analysis as if it was a normal mob using the features listed below.

Mob's total HP and your own DPS are now shown against every mob in the fight list. HP is a good way to quickly skim through looking for raid mobs due to the much larger numbers.

Damage taken has been added to the details of a fight, so now you can see who was eating AE ramps, how much agro bounce was happening, or who didn't turn off attack when an enraged mob was flipped.

Double clicking on a player in the fight details will now show their damage split by type. Now you can see where people's DPS comes from, like seeing just how much of ranger DPS comes from their nukes.

You can select one or more players (including 'Total') to output their damage in 4 formats:

  • Sum of damage will be a running total of damage done so far. This shows more of a 'progress' chart
  • Details of damage will be only the damage done during that time frame. This shows more of a 'peak' DPS chart.
  • Selection of damage shown by second, or by tick (6 seconds).

The damage lists from above can be exported to Excel for all the fancy graphing options.

GamParse v0.9.1 - July 19th, 2007

Total re-write of the interface, and general clean up of inner workings

Changed to a multi-screen format. The first screen only shows fights, double clicking on a fight will show the details in a separate window.

Replaced Load menu with a load button.

Added a Combine Fights button, which isn't functional at this point, I know, what a tease ...

Fight information now includes an overview of the opponent's total HP (less any DoT damage) and your own DPS for that fight.

It now requires a double click (previously a single click) to access the details of a fight.

Details of a fight now appear in a new window, with extra details of Hits, Max hit, and average hit.

Can open multiple fight details at the time so you can compare fights.

GamParse v0.9.0 - July 17th, 2007

First test release version.