Download and install GamSettingsMover

These programs require "Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0" installed. This comes standard with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but if you use an older version of windows, you will need to download "Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0" from the Microsoft site, on this page. Once your computer has "Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0" installed, you can run GamSettingsMover.

Once you have "Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0" installed, go to the Downloads page to download the latest version of each of the programs. You will have two choices, with an installer, and without. Most people will want to download the package with the installer.

Unzip the file you downloaded. If it is the package with the installer, simply run the Setup.exe and follow the prompts, which will install GamTextTriggers and create an icon on your Start menu. If you downloaded the package without the installer, you now have the .exe available. Place it into a folder of your choosing, and if you are upgrading from an older version, you can overwrite the old version.

Using GamSettingsMover

When you start the program you will be prompted to select your EverQuest program file. This will allow GamSettingsMover to know where to look for your settings files. It will try all the regular locations that EverQuest is installed to make it easier to find. If you have installed to an alternate directory you will be comfortable finding the location yourself.

Once your EverQuest directory has been found you can then select which server your character started on. Select your server from the drop down list.

When your server has been selected, your character list will be populated. Select your character from the list. This will also fill in the name changing to.

Now you should select the server you are changing to, or select that you are staying on the same server if you are just changing character name.

If you are changing your character name, type in the changed name now. If you are only changing server, you can leave the character name the same.

GamSettingsMover will check that you are at least changing the server or the character name, though you can also change both. The copy button will not be available until you have all areas selected correctly.

View the suggested changes, and if you are happy with them all, click the button "Copy settings files" which will complete the process.

If you had existing files that would be overwritten, you will see a popup box for each one showing you where the old files were backed up to. The restore from backup will be a manual task so be very sure of your selections before copying.

For further assistance, you can use the support forums link above, or post on the release thread on the various forums that the programs are release on. These programs have been fully supported since 2007, and will continue to be so.